Thursday, September 23, 2010

86 years

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'Aafia Siddiqui (born March 2, 1972, in Karachi, Pakistan) is an American-educated Pakistani cognitive neuroscientist[9] who has been convicted after a jury trial in a U.S. federal court, of assault with intent to murder her U.S. interrogators in Afghanistan. The charges carried a maximum sentence of life in prison.[10][11][12] and on September 23, 2010, she was sentenced to 86 years in prison.[13][8]

A devout Muslim who had engaged in Islamic charity work and proselytizing in the U.S.,[3] Siddiqui moved back to Pakistan in 2002. She disappeared with her three young children in March 2003, shortly after the arrest of her second husband's uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. (Mohammed is the alleged chief planner of the September 11 attacks.)[1][2][6] Siddiqui was added to the FBI Seeking Information – War on Terrorism list in 2003, which stated that although the Bureau had no specific information connecting Siddiqui to terrorism, it wanted to locate and question her.[1][14] In May 2004, however, the FBI named Siddiqui as one of seven FBI Most Wanted Terrorists.[1] Her whereabouts remained unknown for more than five years. In July 2008, she was arrested in Afghanistan outside the compound of the governor of Ghazni Province, on suspicion of being a suicide bomber.[2] The Afghan police said she was carrying in her handbag handwritten notes on how to make C-4 explosives, gunpowder, deadly viruses, and machines to shoot down U.S. drones.[15] She was also said to be carrying two pounds of deadly poison, a computer thumb drive,[15] and descriptions of New York City landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.[13][16]

Siddiqui was shot and severely wounded at the police compound the day after her arrest after she allegedly grabbed the unattended rifle of one of her American interrogators and began shooting at them.['

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